Wednesday, October 26, 2011

America's Next Top Model Pony

I got my camera fixed AND remembered to take it to the barn!  So, here's some photos from our photo shoot.  This is Trainer #1 aboard.  This was also the ponys first time riding down the road and she did GREAT!  She only stopped a few times to blow at a mailbox, but quickly got over it.  She was never relaxed, but for a baby Arab going out on all by herself I think she did amazing!


  1. She's definitely top model material.... ;-)

  2. I'm with Wolfie. What a lovely girl! I'm curious about the flash nose band. Is it something your trainer prefers?

  3. Thanks! Trainer #1 was riding her and she puts a flash on everybody. I plan on taking it off today at my lesson with Trainer #2 since I see NO reason for her to be wearing it. I ride her in a Happy Mouth Mullen right now and she's easy to handle.