Friday, January 23, 2015

Winter Motivation

It doesn't get super cold here in the winter usually.  Temperatures are mild and not too bad, especially if you wear layers.  And it's not that I mind the rain now that I don't have a covered arena.  My lack of motivation to go out to the barn is because it's dark and grey out and there won't be anyone else out there to ride with.  Waaaaaaahhh.  So lonely!!!!

At least I'm narrowing down what I want in a boarding situation, right?

Licorice had yesterday off and he got shots yesterday.  Today, I don't plan on riding but I will get him out and lunge him lightly.  I probably won't even saddle him in case he's sore.  I know some horses get sore more than others, but since we're just back to work I don't want to take a chance.

My ride on Wednesday was another good ride.  Licorice continues to not want to move forward if I have ANY contact on the reins and will kick at the leg/whip if I push the issue.  That's the kind of thing that I want to address in a lesson, so I'm making sure to just keep things mellow for right now.  I still struggle with the difference between a horse giving you a pain response and a horse giving you an "I'd rather not cause that's kinda hard" response.

Licorice did have a big spook on Wednesday and bolted.  For four strides.  Then we went back to trot and went back to work, despite my heart threatening to bounce right out of my chest.  Our trot was much more forward after that.

Licorice's main and tail are dusty gray now with all the mud.  Giant puffs of dust cloud around him whenever I'm grooming him.  I miss having a wash rack.  I REALLY miss having a wash rack.  There's a hose here, but nowhere to tie the horse up to and even though it has been plenty mild enough to wash a tail, Licorice doesn't think it's a good idea.  He's fine with a wash rack and tail washing, but to expect him to stand there in the middle of the driveway and let me hose off his tail?  Too much, Mom!  Too much!  On a regular basis there are usually cars parked there so it makes it hard to do training for that also.

Alright, I'm totally putting off going out to the barn by writing more.  I'm leaving now.  Seriously.  Right now.  Headed out the door.  I'll even take a picture today to prove I was there!  Here's a blurry shot from my ride on Wednesday.  Though that isn't blur that is making his mane grey.  Sadly, that's the mud.

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  1. I'm totally blog stalking you right now BUT I wanted to mention that I work part time at a barn that focuses on natural horsemanship (I am in no way a Parelli follower of any kind) and it's sort of nice because it's very interdiacplinary and very very low key. There is a strong sense of community but people do their own thing because I think most of them are focusing on how best to communicate with their equine partners, not so much the style or division of riding they are doing. IF you decide to switch barns again maybe you could look into a NH style barn, they aren't all crazies, in fact the woman I work for is a 2 star Parelli instructor and she is very reasonable and down to earth.