Thursday, March 6, 2014

Notes to Self

Super busy day today.  Great lesson last night.  I want to jot down the two most important things before I forget them.  Sorry for the weird, short post.  This is mostly a bookmark so I don't forget when I practice.

If he doesn't move off my leg, irritate him.  Don't use force, just ask lightly.  Same with whip.  It's not to be used to punish, just to irritate him into moving away from.

Praise by petting with inside hand when he does move over.

Keep the outside rein so he has a place to go.

If he's rushing in the trot, do walk/trot transitions while moving him off the inside leg.

There was probably more last night that I've already forgotten, but I think that was the main point.  Also, my trainer pointed out he's not so much 'running away' with me so much as he is 'barging around the arena' with me.  Details, details.....

Clinic again this weekend means I'll be cleaning and polishing tack and boots again on my Friday night.  Wheeeee!

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