Monday, February 24, 2014

Stop Yer Bellyachin'!

Yep, Licorice had another tummy ache.  He was out with his buddy and started rolling, so they took a carrot out to check on him.  He didn't want the carrot, so he was brought in, hand walked and given some Banamine.  This one was minor and we think it was a gas bubble, but this is the third time since October that he's had tummy problems.

Currently, he's on Smart Pak SmartDigest Ultra.  Before that he was on Succeed.  As far as I know, at his previous barn, he was on nothing.

It could be that he gets sick when the weather changes.  He got a gas bubble the day the weather went from rain to snow for a hot minute.  At this point, we're just trying to figure out what the cause might be and what the best way to manage it is.

He got sick on Saturday, so he got Saturday off.  I gave him Sunday off too, just in case.  Tonight, I'm going to go ahead and ride him.

What am I going to do with my sensitive boy?
Mooom - Stop it.  Stop trying to take my picture!


  1. Boo. Hope you can figure it out soon!

  2. Hope he feels better soon. I would do some serious investigating into his diet, water intake, etc, three times in a few months is not good.

  3. Has anything changed from his previous barn to now? That'd be my first series of investigation.