Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Month in Mostly Pictures

First, let's get the down and dirty out of the way.  They caught the guy who killed my friend and he is currently awaiting his trial.  He has been charged with First Degree Murder.  It was a relief to know they had caught someone and now we just wait while the legal system does it's work.  And so, for the rest of us, life moves us along.

I'm sorry that I won't have in depth postings about some of the cool things I did.  The space in my brain was taken up with details of death.  So, here are some pictures and short blurbs about what's been happening in the pony world.

This is the amazing pony from Red Horse Farms down in Auburn.  Laura was nice enough to invite me down for a pony playdate and this handsome little guy taught me the ropes.  Get it?  Ropes?  I crack myself up.  He was a total gentleman and would only do it if I did it *right*, but he was never cranky when I got it wrong.  Cricket is for sale and if I could just shrink myself a foot, I'd snap him up in a heartbeat.

After an invigorating (not) workout in groundwork, Cricket felt like he needed a roll.  Or five.  

Adorable mini and mini donkey.  I love tiny ponies!

This photo makes me laugh.  Look how tall Tessa appears to be!  That's called "Standing on a hill behind your owner."  It's probably a well known marketing tool.  Next time I'm gonna pile up dirt for her front legs to stand on so she'll look up hill too!

Another picture where she looks tall.  Or maybe I look short?

This our America's Next Top Model Pose.  We are WORKING IT!  

This photo, though just seeming to be an adorable photo, is actually proof that my pony got on a trailer and we went on a trail ride.  I rode the lovely Bay Bay, who was mostly lovely besides deciding at one point that there was no stopping.  Being a mare, that meant some fancy spinning moves as she protested the stopping bit.  Tessa was a rockstar.  Her little legs shook when she went over the bridges and she did have a moment on the way back where she decided she was done doing that.  After much encouragement and then some not so gentle encouragement when Tessa decided that bucking off her rider might be a good solution, she crossed the second to last bridge and went on her way.  Though she was worried about the bridges, there was no spooking.  She also is quite possibly the slowest trail horse in history.  She ambled.  Perfect.  A few more of those under her belt and I'll be ready to ride her down the trails myself!

So that's it.  I have only been at the barn sporadically but Tessa has been getting some education over jumps, thanks to a rider having a lame horse at the barn.  She also has a new kid rider who rides her twice a week.  Even though I'm seeing her less these days, it does feel like the quality of our time is better.  Or maybe it's just the events in my life gave me a bitter bittersweet reminder to cherish what is in my life right now.  Either way, I'm pretty content.  And I will try to resume regular posting.  At least I finally came through with the pictures, right?


  1. I missed your last post about losing your dear friend - my deepest sympathy. Certainly makes one think about how short and precious life is.

    Trail ride with Tessa! Exciting news :)

  2. Missed you, Mona! Glad everything is getting back to "normal". Cricket found a home, btw. Living with a family that has 3 girls, ages three, five, and seven. He will be adored for many years to come!

  3. Glad to see you back posting, and that they have caught the person who killed your friend. I am so sorry for your loss.

    Love the pictures, sounds like you and Tess are both having fun "seeing other people". :)